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Dairy & Beverage Pasteurizers (Plate Type)

Dairy & Beverage Pasteurizers (Plate Type)

Plate type pasteurizers are designed for continuous processing and pasteurization of market milk, cheese & yoghurt milk, cream, ice cream mix and other low acid liquid products as well as beverages.

Dairy & Beverage Pasteurizers (Plate Type)
Dairy & Beverage Pasteurizers (Plate Type)
Dairy & Beverage Pasteurizers (Plate Type)
Dairy & Beverage Pasteurizers (Plate Type)
Dairy & Beverage Pasteurizers (Plate Type)
Dairy & Beverage Pasteurizers (Plate Type)
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HMI Schematic Diagram :

: Dairy & Beverage Pasteurizers HMI Schematic Diagram

Simplified Flowdiagram :

:Dairy & Beverage Pasteurizers Simplified Flowdiagram

Process Parameters :

Market Milk Cheese Milk Yoghurt Milk Cream Ice Cream Mix
Inlet Temp. ,C 4 4 4 60-8 50
Past. Temp., C 78 78 95 95 90
Holding Time, Sec 16 16 300 3 30
Sep. Temp., C 50 50 50 50 50
Hom. Temp., C 65 65 65 65 65
Dear. Temp., C 65 65 65 65 65
Output Temp., C 4 33-30 44-42 8 75-70
Output Temp., C 90-85 90-85 90-85 80 80

Utilities :

The required utilities for running the pasteurizer plant are as follows:

-Power supply: 3x400 V AC, 50 Hz
(Other voltage and frequencies are also available upon request)
-CIP water supply: 2-3 bar(g) @ 10-50 C
-Cooling water supply: 2-3 bar(g) @ 10-50 C
-Ice water supply: 2-3 bar(g)@1-2 C
-Shaft seal water supply 2-3 bar(g) @ 10-50 C
-Steam pressure: 2-3 bar(g)
-Air supply: 6 bar (g) Instrument air,
free from oil

Options :

Pasteurizer can include the following options:
-Automatic CIP dosing unit
-Automatic flow control system (Frequency controller
system on the feed pump and homogenizer as well as
flow meters)
-High pasteurization temperature (Ultra pasteurizer)
-Constant temperature to separator and /or
-Fouling detection system on the heating
-Extended holding time with automatic switch over
-Automatic control of high inlet and/or outlet
-UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)
-Air cooler for Control Panel

Components :

Pasteurizer usually includes the following components: -Closed balance tank including level transmitter, floater and CIP device -Centrifugal feed pump -FSN Plate Heat Exchanger including heating, regenerations and cooling sections. -Holding tube (Mounted as a sub unit on holdings higher than 30 seconds mounted outside pasteurizer frame) -Hot water unit including Brazed plate heat exchanger, pump, steam control valve, steam trap, expansion chamber, shut off valves, air vent, safety valve, etc. -Stainless steel control panel including PLC, HMI, power supply, solenoid valves, motor starters etc. -Automatic diversion valve -Set of change over valves -Set of shut off valves for water balance tank, ice water etc. -Set of instruments such as temperature and pressure transmitters. -Second hot water unit in case of cheese & yoghurt production -Set of pipes and fittings -All of the pasteurizers are water tested in our factory before delivery -The Pasteurizer Panel/Programme ensures the following are realized: 1-Automatic operational sequence 2-Automatiocpasteurization control (PID controller) 3-Automaitc product circulation when pasteurization temperature guard is activated 4-Automatic process interaction with Up and down stream equipment such as feed pump, final storage tank etc. 5-Recording pasteurization and output temperature as long as long as the memory of HMI allows it

Capacities :

Standard units with fixed capacities which are manufactured by this company are as follows:
Milk Past. (Yoghurt, Cheese, Aryan):
5000-25000 Lit/hr
Cream Pasteurizer:
5000-10000 Lit/hr
Beverage Pasteurizer:
5000-25000 Lit/hr
Higher capacities are available based upon request and can be tailor made.