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About FSN

FSN has been established with a group of qualified people specialized in Dairy & Beverage Processing Machinery in 2000. This company is a knowledge based one involved in supplying professional turkey solutions and machinery for the Dairy & Beverage Industry.

The main fields of activity of this company is as follows

-Manufacturing Plate Heat Exchangers & Pasteurizers

-Manufacturing UF, RO, NF and MF Plants

– Manufacturing MP units for Whey Protein

– Manufacturing Plate & Frame UF Plants (UF P&F)

-Manufacturing CIP Plants

– Manufacturing Fat Standardization Unit (Standomat)

-Manufacturing Tubular UHT Plants

-Manufacturing Aseptic Tanks

-Manufacturing Tubular Heat Exchangers

-Manufacturing Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers

-Manufacturing Dearators

-Manufacturing Blenders &  Shear Mixers

-Manufacturing Turnkey UF Feta Cheese Plants

-Manufacturing Turnkey Semi Soft Cheese Plants i.e. Cream Cheese, Quark, Labneh etc.

-Manufacturing Turnkey Spreadable Cheese Lines

-Manufacturing turnkey Dairy & Beverage Plants

-Automation projects within the Dairy Industry