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Fat Standardization Unit (Standomat)

Fat Standardization Unit (Standomat)

Standomat is designed for automatic in line standardization of the fat content in milk and cream direct after milk separation, for standardized milk consumption.
Working Principle:
By continuously controlling the back pressure of the separator cream outlet in a Cascade Control System, an accurate fat content is achieved, regardless of variations in the raw milk fat content. The raw milk is separated in the separator where the skim milk pressure is kept constant by a constant pressuremodulating valve. A mass flow transmitter measures the cream flow from the separator and calculates the fat content. Another flow transmitter measures the flow of standardised milk. On receiving signals from the transmitters, the computer in the control panel calculates the fat content, in relation to set points and flow rates, and transmits control signals to the cream flow modulation valve, there by controlling the fat content, whenever required.
Fat Standardization Unit (Standomat)
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Standomat can include the following options:
-UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)
-Air cooler for Control Panel


Standomat usually includes the following components:
-Mass flow transmitter
-Flow meters on the skim milk, cream and mixing sides
-Flow control valve on input and output Cream sides
-2 Sets of automatic butterfly valves
-Non return valve
-Stainless steel control panel including PLC, HMI, power supply, solenoid valves, etc.
-Set of pipes and fittings
-All of our Standomats are water tested in our factory before delivery

HMI Schematic Diagram

Fat Standardization Unit HMI Schematic Diagram

Simplified Flowdiagram

Fat Standardization Unit Simplified Flowdiagram


Standomat units with fixed capacities which are manufactured by this company are as follows:
Capacity: 5000-25000 Lit/hr
Higher capacities are available based upon request and can be tailor made.
Hint: The standomat can work in the range of skimming capacity (And not standardizing capacity) of the separator