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Iran Agrofood 2024

We're excited to be exhibiting at 31th Iran Agrofood trade show! Join us at Booth 58 Hall No. 38B , Tehran International Permanent Fairground to explore our latest products and solutions. Discover how FSN (Farayand   Sazan Novin) can benefit your business. See you there

China’s Domestic ECAs and new discharge water rules

Since 2015, China has slowly expanded what it calls the Chinese Domestic ECAs, where ECA is short for Emission Control Area. These ECAs should not be confused with the ECAs defined by IMO.Whereas IMO ECAs typically extend 200 nautical miles (nm) from the coast, the Chinese Domestic ECAs...

Technologies Behind Extending Milk Shelf Life

Extended Shelf Life (ESL) Treatment: Preserving Milk's Quality and FreshnessWhen it comes to preserving milk, finding the right balance between maintaining its nutritional content and ensuring a longer shelf life is a constant pursuit. Extended Shelf Life (ESL) treatment stands as a...

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Empowering the dairy and beverage industry with precision and innovation. At FSN, we take pride in designing and manufacturing cutting-edge machinery that revolutionizes the way dairy and beverage products are processed. Our commitment to excellence drives us to deliver efficient, reliable, and...
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