Dairy & Beverage Tubular UHT Plants (In Direct type) - فرآیند سازان نوین

Dairy & Beverage Tubular UHT Plants (In Direct type)


FSN Tubular UHT Plants are high performance continuous plants with In Direct heating system. The unit uses a Tubular Heat Exchanger under Aseptic conditions to obtain a product that can be stored at ambient temperature. FSN Tubular UHT Plants are suitable for Dairy products such as milk, flavoured milk, cream, yoghurt drinks as well as for other applications such as juice, coffee and soy milk.



-Great flexibility in balancing performance with investment

-Wide capacity range

-Extended running time

-Highly upgradeable capacity wise

-Available as stand-alone unit or part of line solution


Standard UHT units with fixed capacities which are manufactured by this company are as follows:

Milk UHT :2000-10000 Lit/hr

Cream UHT: 1000-5000 Lit/hr

Beverage UHT: 1000-10000 Lit/hr

Higher capacities are available based upon request and can be tailor made.


UHT Plants usually includes the following components:

-Closed balance tank including level transmitter and

CIP device

-Centrifugal feed pump

-Electromagnetic flow transmitter

-Centrifugal water pump

-FSN Tubular Heat Exchanger including heating, regenerations and cooling sections.

-Holding tubes (Mounted as a sub unit on frame)

-Pressurized hot water unit including Brazed plate heat exchanger, pump, steam control valve, steam trap , expansion chamber, shut off valves, air vent, safety valve, water Electromagnetic flow transmitter, expansion chamber, etc.

-Stainless steel control panel including PLC, HMI, power supply, solenoid valves, motor starters etc.

-Automatic diversion valve

-Set of change over valves

-Set of shut off valves for water balance tank, ice water etc.

-Set of instruments such as temperature and pressure transmitters.

-Set of pipes and fittings

-Constant pressure valve

-All of the UHT plants are tested in our factory before delivery

-The UHT Panel/Programme ensures the following steps realized  to ensure sterilization is realized properly:

-Pre sterilization


-Aseptic intermediate cleaning



Before production starts, it is necessary to sterilize the aseptic area by circulating pressurized hot water in the system In the tubular version, the aseptic part is equipped with an internal sterilization loop to minimize energy consumption and start up time. After sterilization, the unit is cooled to product temperature. Finally, the sterile water is circulated through the production unit.



UHT Plant can include the following options:

-Automatic CIP dosing unit

-Electromagnetic flow transmitter on the return line to sort mix phases

-Non-standard Layout

-UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)

-Air cooler for Control Panel



The required utilities for running the UF plant are as follows:

Power supply: ۳×۴۰۰ V AC, 50 Hz (Other voltage and frequencies are also available upon request)
-CIP water supply: ۲-۳ bar(g) @ 10-50 C
-Cooling water supply: ۲-۳ bar(g) @ 10-50 C
-Ice water supply: ۲-۳ bar(g)@1-2 C
-Shaft seal water supply: ۲-۳ bar(g) @ 10-50 C
-Steam pressure: ۲-۳ bar(g)
-Air supply: ۶ bar (g) Instrument air, free from oil


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