Microparticulation Plant (Spiral Wound Membranes and MP unit) - فرآیند سازان نوین

Microparticulation Plant (Spiral Wound Membranes and MP unit)

Highlights and application:

Microparticulation is a well proven technology offering a wide range of opportunities for modern dairy processing. The MP system is characterised by:

-Improved product quality

-Increased yield of cheese line

-Product innovation


Advantages of FSN system:

The main advantages of our MP systems are as follows:

-Well defined and flexible process

-Heat recovery up to 80%

-No homogenize is required and hence the system will be cost effective and less energy is required

-Fast return of investment



Typical applications of MP systems within the Dairy Industry are as follows:

–Semi hard cheeses such as Gouda, Edam, Camembert and Swiss type cheese

-Camembert and Brie type of cheese

Hard cheeses such as Cheddar-

Process cheeses such as spreadable cheese, Burger cheese-

-soft cheese such as Cream cheese, quark, Labneh, Mascarpone etc.

-Fermented products such as Yoghurt, Drink yoghurt, desserts etc.

Ice cream mix


Standard MP Plants with fixed capacities (Based on output capacity)  which are manufactured by this company are as follows:

Range I:500-2000 Lit/hr

Range II:2000-5000 Lit/hr

Higher capacities are available based upon request and can be tailor made.


MP unit usually includes the following components:

-Closed balance tank including level transmitter and  CIP device

-Positive displacement feed pump

-CIP bypass pump

-FSN Plate Heat Exchanger including heating, regenerations and cooling sections.

-FSN shear agglomerator (SSHE) including heating, cooling

-Set of holding tube

-Two sets of hot water unit including Brazed plate heat exchanger, pump, steam control valve, steam trap , expansion chamber, shut off valves, air vent, safety valve, etc.

-Shear mixer

-Stainless steel control panel including PLC, HMI, power supply, solenoid valves, motor starters etc.

-Automatic diversion valve

-Set of change over valves

-Set of shut off valves for water balance tank, ice water etc.

-Set of instruments such as temperature and pressure transmitters.

-Set of pipes and fittings

-All of the MP units are water tested in our factory before delivery

-The MP Unit Panel/Programme ensures the following are realized:

۱-Automatic operational sequence

۲-Automatic agglomeration temperature control (PID controller)

۳-Automaitc product circulation when agglomeration  temperature guard is activated

۴-Automatic process interaction with Up and down stream equipment such as feed pump, final storage tank etc.

۵-Recording SSHE output temperature and output temperature as long as long as the memory of HMI allows it



MP Unit can include the following options:

-Automatic CIP dosing unit

-Automatic flow control system (Frequency controller system on the feed pump and homogenizer as well as flow meters)

-Ultrafiltration plant (To reach WPC 60)

-Extended holding unit

-UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)

-Air cooler for Control Panel



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