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Cleaning in Place Module (CIP)


FSN CIP Unit is an advanced automatic Cleaning in Place system used for cleaning process equipment such as filling machinery, pasteurizers, sanitary pipes, tanks, aseptic tanks, plate heat exchangers etc. The cleaning is fully adjustable to meet the demands of the cleaning object i.e. times, concentration, temperature and flow. The capacity can be adjusted between 6000-25000 and 10000-50000 Lit/hr which is usually enough for cleaning  up to 101 mm tubes.FSN CIP Plant consists of 1-4 pressure lines, all individually pre assembled and frame mounted. Each pressure line includes and pressure pump, circulation tank, tubular heat exchanger, process valves, sensors and all necessary internal piping and wiring. It can be connected to up 32 CIP circuits where the individual parameter of each can be set. Our CIP unit is delivered with 14 Pre-set CIP recipes. It is also possible to create customized CIP recipes which are validated before using (For customer safety).

By applying the individual parameters of a CIP circuit to a certain CIP recipe, an optimized cleaning can be performed for that circuit. The FSN CIP unit automatically controls the cleaning time, detergent temperature, flow and concentration. The control of detergent concentration and sorting of liquids in FSM CIP Unit is realized through a conductivity transmitter.


CIP units which are manufactured by this company have the following capacities:

CIP I: 6000-25000 Lit/hr (Adjustable)

CIP II: 10000-50000 Lit/hr (Adjustable)

Basic Unit:

The FSN CIP  is compact and pre assembled and frame mounted. In all Plants on module one (Master CIP Plants), the detergent dosing is done automatically.


CIP Unit  usually includes the following components:

-Frequency controlled centrifugal feed pump

-Electromagnetic flow transmitter and flow switch

-Circulation tank with level transmitter

-Conductivity transmitter

-Temperature transmitters

-Automatic CIP dosing unit (On module 1, Master CIP Plant)

-Automatic control and shut off valve for steam

-Automatic shut off valve for water

-Automatic sanitary valves for diversion and shut off  valves

-Stainless steel control panel including PLC, HMI, power supply, solenoid valves, motor starters etc.

-Set of pipes and fittings

-All of the CIP Plants are water tested in our factory before delivery



The required utilities for running the UF plant are as follows:


Power supply: ۳×۴۰۰ V AC, 50 Hz (Other voltage and frequencies are also available upon request)
-CIP water supply: ۲-۳ bar(g) @ 10-50 C
-Cooling water supply: ۲-۳ bar(g) @ 10-50 C
-Ice water supply: ۲-۳ bar(g)@1-2 C
-Shaft seal water supply: ۲-۳ bar(g) @ 10-50 C
-Steam pressure: ۲-۳ bar(g)
-Air supply: ۶ bar (g) Instrument air, free from oil


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